mourning glories

MERCURY REV ‘Holes’ (1998)

Spiritual brethren of The Flaming Lips – their ‘Deserter’s Songs’ album was recorded at the same time as ‘The Soft Bulletin’ and in the same studio with Dave Fridmann at the controls – these upstart Upstate New Yorkers upped the ante with ‘Holes’. Legend has it that the Rev we’re ready to call it quits and so as this was their last throw of the dice they threw strings, brass and several kitchen sinks into the mix. Epitomising that febrile ethos, ‘Holes’ is filled with romance, weirdness and a sad, sad, weariness which never once wears thin over six minutes. Plus, if the seminal line “Holes, dug by little moles,” doesn’t bring cosmic smiles in the aisles then you have got yourself the wrong congregation.

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