mourning glories

What song do you want played at your funeral?

Once upon a crying rainbow, we got to thinking about funeral songs and how, the odd buzzfeed hyperlist and the biannual traditional Co-Op Funeralcare run down aside, the whole wide worldwide Internet appears to be unusually coy about revelling in farewell tunes, especially ones which come from the leftfield. Considering the one certainty in this life is that one day this life will end and we’ll be sent on our way to the soundtrack of our lives this seems like an extraordinary oversight.

So here we have, a website for sore eyes and a chance to share out some tunes which could well bring melodic comfort in those final precious moments. Without attempting to be macabre or wallow in self-pity on here we will attempt to find another way to ‘My Way’, an addition to the final ‘Countdown’ theme, an alternative angle to ‘Angels’ sending you off soaring with… oh, you get the picture. Now let’s get emoting.

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